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Taking the First Step

     Hello and Welcome to HariOnMoney …for .. Money Matters !

I will start off with the old saying “The longest journey begins with the first step”.

Well, this is our first step, our grand experiment … To use the power of cyberspace and social media to reach out to all of you.

Why are we reaching out ? … We want to create a forum, get a conversation going, know your points of view & opinion, start discussions, share information, learn from each other, have a chat … and most importantly, have fun.

And what is it that we want to talk about ? …. It is  about Money.

Why Money ?

Because it is ‘The Grease That Makes Our Life Run Smoothly’ ..

Because it is half of everything we do; part of every transaction we go through in life ..

Because we cannot live without it ..

And we have a strange relationship with Money …… Some will say ‘A love-hate relationship’

  • What is Money ?
  • What does it mean to us ?
  • What do we do with it ?
  • What are our financial goals ?
  • How do we manage Money ?
  • How do we save Money ?
  • How do we create wealth ?
  • What are financial Assets ?
  • How do we accumulate & grow Assets ?
  • How do we make Money work for us, to help us fulfill our dreams ?

Let me confess … I know a little about money, but, I am sure we could all learn a lot more … So let us begin the conversation.

And before we start getting too philosophical & serious, don’t forget ……. It’s about keeping in touch, having a lively chat and most of all …….. Having fun.

Wishing a long and fruitful connection and conversation …

Hari and the CleverCall Team.

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